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  • Third party recovery agency for motor vehicle accidents that are not your fault.
  • No need to lose your No Claim Bonus with your insurance company.
  • Why pay an excess and wait for re-imbursement.
  • Your choice of a repairer.
  • Solicitor referral if required.

This Is How RRR Can Help You

A recovery means there will be no cost to you. No Win - No Fee

If you authorise repairs to your vehicle while RRR is proceeding against the other party, most insurance companies will say you have breached your insurance contract. This is not true.

Please note you cannot make a claim with your insurance company as well as authorising RRR to act on your behalf. In some cases however as RRR will always advise where you are comprehensively insured, it may be preferable that you make a claim on your own policy.

In regard to hire car claims and loss of earnings these expenses may only be claimed if substantiated by documentary evidence. Hire car expenses need to be proved that car repairs were commenced and completed without delay.

Signing the accident information sheet will allow and authorise us to act for you on your behalf to seek to recover the cost of your repairs to your vehicle. Our aim is to recover the cost of the repairs from the party that hit you as quickly as possible.

If you have any queries; before you sign the accident information form, ring Maryanne Chamberlain on 9584 8722 or Mobile 0438 117 877.

Once authorisation has been signed over, it's in your best interests not to enter into any type of negotiations or discussions with the other party. This is my best advice. This will hinder recovery of money owed and jeopardise any action taken by us on your behalf.

Please refer all contact from third party or their insurance company immediately to us

Rapid Response Recoveries Tel: (03) 9584 8722 Fax: (03) 9584 8733 Email: info@rapidresponse.com.au